Personal Archeology

It’s amazing what you’ll come across when you’re forced to box up everything you own. Yesterday was our major packing day in anticipation of our move at the end of this week. I uncovered lots of old personal effects that I had to decide whether or not to keep. Some things were obviously trash (staff manuals from when I worked as a lifeguard at the YMCA in 1997), while other things were long lost treasures. Here are two things that I was happy to finally find again:

Here’s a flyer from a now legendary concert headlined by the band Seconds to Save (of which I was a member. This was actually the only real concert we played, but we did record a full length album. Maybe next leap year we’ll do another show.

And here is a copy of an assignment I had to do for a class I took on the book of Revelation. We had to make a chart representing all the events of the book on one sheet of paper. I remember spending many hours trying to figure out how to condense something so dense. So if you’re ever confused about the content of the book, feel free to use this to confuse yourself even more.

We’re almost all packed up now and I have my dad’s flame-painted pickup truck for the week to make the move easier (and flashier). Can’t wait to be done with this moving business…


3 thoughts on “Personal Archeology

  1. Wow! Your Dad has a flame painted pick-up truck? That is sweet. He is living my dream. I’ve considered painting flames on my ford escort wagon, but some how I feel like it might not be the same. I still might do it some day.

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