Movies Monday

I saw Spiderman 3 & 4 over the weekend (though the movie studio had combined them into one movie called “Spiderman 3”) and thought it was pretty good. I will join the throng that feels that Sandman was a waste of space. I don’t think his character was necessary AT ALL. It was like they started writing the movie with Sandman as the main villian and then realized that this could be the last film in the series. So the figured they’d better get Venom in somehow and it just got too crowded for me. Cut out Sandman and develope the Venom storyline more.

Before the movie started though, I saw the trailer for a new movie called Across the Universe. I hadn’t heard about this one yet, so it caught me by surprise. The movie is based on the songs of the Beatles, which is a pretty cool idea in theory. I’ve been thinking more and more about it and decided that this movie could either really suck or be really good. Here’s the trailer, tell me what you think about it.


2 thoughts on “Movies Monday

  1. We just saw this trailer too. My immediate thought is “strange”. Seems like some kind of cross between Big Fish and Moulin Rouge. That’s a complement, I think. I’m sure we’ll see it. Definitely the type of movie we often see, but I do agree that there is great potential for extremity, either greatness or suckiness.So is it actually a true story about Jude? Or do they just use his name as a character and a way to tie in the Beatles?

  2. Yea that trailer peaked my curiosity. At first it seemed “normal” then skewed off to a movie one would want to see stoned. (Can a Christian safely say that?) Anyway, it’s the kind of movie I’d like to see but one my wife would steer clear of.—b

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