This….Is Your Life

I skipped Music Monday this week in lieu of the Digital Mix I posted last week. But that’s only half of the story.
My wife and I are buying a house this month and slowly but surely that process is taking over our lives.
Buying a house feels a lot like getting married. We have no idea how to do it when we start planning. When we were planning our wedding, people would ask if we’d registered yet and we didn’t even know how to register for gifts. Now people ask us who we decided to go with for homeowner’s insurance and we haven’t even thought of that yet! Perhaps we should have invested in a “how to” book on buying real estate.
At the same time, we’ve noticed that buying a house spurs lots of conversations with other homeowners who we didn’t used to talk to much. We’ve had so many interesting chats with people at church who have given us lots of good advice about ownership. Plus, so many people have offered help moving or making improvements on the house once we’re in. It’s great!
So really, in spite of sometimes feeling like we’re total idiots, we’re enjoying this process.
But I’m really looking forward to closing the deal and finally sitting on our heated slate floor porch at sunset and sighing in relief that the process in finally over and we can just enjoy life again. A lot like getting married.

4 thoughts on “This….Is Your Life

  1. Woooohooooo! Homeownership! Really congrats on the house. It looks very nice. We need to see more pictures though. Also, let us know if you need help moving…we certainly had plenty of help moving and would like to pass along the act of kindness.

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