A New Digital Mix CD

After a slight delay, I am posting a new digital mix CD. This time, the theme deserves some explanation.

I’m calling this mix “Christian Songs by Non-Christian Bands”. These songs are all recorded (but in some cases not written) by bands or artists that, to my knowledge, are not Christians. That is to say, these bands do not market themselves as “Christian” and these discs would never be found at Northwestern Bookstores nor played on KTIS. And yet, these songs have very apparent spiritual themes dealing with Christ and the Christian faith. Let me say a few words about each song on the playlist:

1. Jeff TweedySatan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

This track is pretty straight forward lyrically. Tweedy is taking a stand against Satan and declaring that the voice of Christ declares victory over Satan.

2. Bright EyesArc of Time

This great track speaks about how this earthly life is very brief and that there is more to come afterwards. Favorite line: “We’ll do the dance that was choreographed at the very dawn of time.”

3. George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord

Yes, this track contains praise to other false gods, but the chorus is so powerful and meaningful.

4. MuseThoughts of a Dying Atheist

Muse points out that a dying atheist sees only the end and no more and that is scary. One needs not fear death with Christ.

5. Imogen HeapSweet Religion

Before she hit the big time with Frou Frou and her newest solo album, Imogen recorded this gem about how her religion means everything to her.

6. Ben FoldsJesusland

Folds pens this track railing against Christian consumerism and the trash that is marketed directly to Christians. The Christian faith is not about wealth!

7. Page FranceJesus

I absolutely LOVE the line “Jesus will dance while we drink His wine.”

8. MenomenaMuscle ‘n Flo

“If Jesus could only wash my feet, then I’d get up strong and muscle on.” So true.

9. Johnny CashHurt

It’s overplayed now and it’s a cover, but this is one of the most powerful recordings I’ve ever heard. Seeing the music video really adds to its power too. Cash, reflecting on all his past, realizes that earthly treasures are meaningless (even hurtful) and he is left with only Christ (the only true treasure).

10. WilcoTheologians

“God is with us every day.” Tweedy sings that theologians don’t know anything about his soul, pointing out again that Christianity is a relationship first and foremost.

11. Arcade FireMy Body is a Cage

“My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love.” What a great line!

12. Nick DrakePink Moon

The story of Nick Drake is a tragic one that I’d love to elaborate on, but I don’t have the time or space. This song is about the end times and how the moon will be turned to blood and no one will be exempt from the judgement.

Thanks for your patience. I hope you’re able to see the value in these songs. I’ve posted the mix to SendSpace again. Just click the “download link”, unzip, and play! And don’t forget to support these great artists if you like what you hear.

Christian Songs by Non-Christian Bands – A Digital Mix CD


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