Music Monday

This week, we highlight a band based outside of Glasgow, Scotland. The Twilight Sad formed in 2003, so they are relatively new to the scene and are just now getting press in the states. Thanks to a favorable review from the music site everyone loves to hate to love (P4K), their stock is definitely on the rise.

What first struck me about this band is the cover art for their first LP (seen on the right). I thought it was creative and different. Then I noticed that their earlier EPs have covers in the same style, which is cool.

Secondly, I noticed that the lead singer’s Scottish accent is very prominent (and everyone knows that Scottish accents are cool).

The music is hard to describe. It has elements of shoegaze and post-rock, but is also quite lyrical and folksy even. The list of instruments that they employ is very long and they use them well to craft a sound that is unique and fresh. They also take their music seriously and have so far shunned big-budget studios in favor of more reclusive recording practices. This has obviously given them more control over their sound and allowed them to develop ideas more.

This track is called Cold Days from the Birdhouse and can be founded on their disc Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters. Check out their website here.

The Twilight Sad – Cold Days from the Birdhouse

Check back later this week for a new Semi-Monthly Digital Mix CD.


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