Ladies and Gentlemen….we got him.

With the seventh overall pick in the draft, the Vikings select Sooner RB Adrian Peterson!

This is an absolute STEAL at pick #7. Look for the Vikes to complement their dominate run defense with a punishing running game featuring Chester Taylor and Peterson. Now if only we could pass the ball and defend the pass…

But this is seriously a GREAT pick by the Vikes!


2 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen….we got him.

  1. Agreed. The Peterson pick is guaranteed to add at least one more victory to the Vikes 2007 season……which brings us up to 4-12.This will NOT be a good season to be a Vikes fan.

  2. I will continue to embody the anomaly of an optimistic Vikes fan and say that I think you’ll be pleasently surprised by the squad this year.The Pack is still pretty shakey. The Lions are…the Lions. Even with Calvin Johnson.And the Bears lost some key components from their run. Plus, our run game gave them problems and now we have MORE horsepower behind it.I’ll go ahead and say 8-8 and we miss the playoffs…barely.

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