Music Monday

Named as a tribute to the classic video game series, Final Fantasy is essentially the one-man band of Owen Pallett. Owen is a violinist by trade and produces his music by playing his instrument through a loop pedal and creating layer upon layer of sounds (the same technique used by Andrew Bird). However, on his latest album (grotesquely titled He Poos Clouds), Pallett expands his sound to include piano, horns, guitars, and a host of other timbres. Over all of it, the melodic vocals oscillate between gentle singing to intense wailing.

Even if you haven’t heard anything by Final Fantasy, you’ve probably heard some of Pallett’s work. He helped arrange the string sections of both Arcade Fire albums and toured with the band. He has also remixed songs by Stars and Bloc Party for their respective remix albums. He now plans to release his third full-length LP as Final Fantasy in late 2007.

As a sample of the work of Owen Pallatte, I’ve selected a track entitled This Lamb Sells Condos. This particular song showcases Owen’s piano skills as well as his string arrangements.

Final Fantasy – This Lamb Sells Condos


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