Music Monday

Blonde Redhead is a strange band name. The fact that no one in the band is blonde and no one is a redhead makes it that much stranger. The band is comprised of a Japanese woman and Italian twin brothers. The three of them combine to create some of the most interesting indie rock music I’ve heard. Their use of guitars and synths is un-matched and the vocals are very unique.
After releasing their Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons in 2000, the lead singer Kazu Makino was trampled by a horse and needed extensive medical care. The band took a break to allow her time to heal and finally released a new album in 2004 entitled Misery is a Butterfly.
This album deals a lot with the pain and suffering that Makino was enduring and also carries a lot of equestrian imagery.
This year, the band will release its seventh LP entitled 23. If you haven’t heard them before, here’s a taste of their unique style. This track comes from Misery is a Butterfly. Take a look at their website on the right.

Blonde Redhead – Elephant Woman


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