The Art of the Digital Mix Tape

Few things give me more joy than crafting a mix CD for a friend. I really like thinking about the recipient’s current musical tastes and then finding music that I think will push their boundaries and perhaps introduce them to bands that they will really like. I really don’t see myself as some pretentious music snob who thinks he knows all the best music and you don’t. It just really gives me joy to listen to music and then share my discoveries with others. If people don’t like the music I suggest, I don’t mind. Making mix CDs is almost more for me than for them.

Now I’m trying something different. I’ve been attempting to create mixes that are centered on a theme of some sort. It’s different than putting one together for one specific person and is in some ways less challenging, but nonetheless enjoyable. I’ve decided to periodically share a full mix CD with you, my web-saavy friends.

So, without further ado, I give you the first in a series of “Digital Mix CDs”. This first mix is called Before and After. These songs are recent indie-type songs that sound as though they were made years ago. The tracklist is arranged in a makeshift aural timeline to create the sensation of moving foward through the years of popular music.


Richard Swift– Lovely Night
2. The Pipettes – Pull Shapes
3. Lavender Diamond– Oh No
4. Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks
5. The Besnard Lakes – Disaster
6. Wolfmother – Colossal
7. Wilco – Either Way
8. Midlake– Roscoe
9. Phoenix– If I Ever Feel Better
10. Tahiti 80– Big Day
11. Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side
12. Film School – On & On

I’ve uploaded the mix in a .zip file to SendSpace. Just click the link and towards the bottom of the page you’ll see the download link.

Let me know your thoughts on the songs! Do you love them? Hate them? Either way, it’s free music! I hope you enjoy it to some extent.
UPDATE: The Sally Shapiro track is DRM-ed, so here’s a replacement version that you can actually listen to! Click Here: Track 11: Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side

*Note: This will replace this week’s edition of Music Monday.

**Note: This is, fortunately, not an April Fool’s prank. Although, that would have been pretty funny….

4 thoughts on “The Art of the Digital Mix Tape

  1. Thanks for pointing out the Shapiro track was protected. I added a link to a clean copy.Glad you like like the mix! That Phoenix song has some serious energy to it, doesn’t it?

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