Music Monday

Matthew Cooper is a pretty ordinary name. I can identify with a name like that. I mean, Peter Carlson is so run of the mill. If I wanted to become a serious musician, would I market myself as “Peter Carlson”? Probably not. Mostly because when I was very young, my parents listened to a 70’s Christian folk musician named “Pete Carlson”. So if I was embarking on a solo musical career, would I assume a moniker? Perhaps. That’s what Matthew Cooper did.

Matthew Cooper’s musical endeavors carry the name Eluvium. I would classify his music as somewhat Neo-Classical/Electronica. Or maybe Shoegaze. It’s a beautiful, densely layered wall of washing guitars and pianos. His newest album, Copia, also added some brass parts to become even more orchestral. He is often compared to Brian Eno, which in my mind is some of the highest praise a neo-classical composer can hope for.

Eluvium is represented by Temporary Residence , the label that is leading the way in post-rock and is also the home of Explosions in the Sky. This relationship led to Eluvium getting the opportunity to open for Explosions on their current tour. The reason I bring this up is that I’m seeing both bands this Thursday night at First Ave. For those people joining me at the show, here’s a track from Eluvium so you can better appreciate his performance on Thursday. For the rest of you, just enjoy the beauty of this track from Copia and check out Eluvium’s website on the right.

Eluvium – Prelude for Time Feelers


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