Can feline’s get scoliosis?

As many of you know, I’m currently between jobs. So I’ve been spending my days at home looking for jobs, listening to music, reading, writing, and spending time with our two cats. Let me introduce these cats to you all.

This is Timaru (pronounced Tim-a-roo), he’s a boy:

He enjoys sleeping, often in contorted positions. I’m not sure if this is healthy, but cats are mostly made of rubber, so I think he’s okay. He also snores quite loudly. He’s happy-go-lucky and likes to meet new people. His favorite toy is a yellow ribbon that came with some flowers we got months ago. He has lots of nicknames. Becky often calls him Tim or Timmie. I have been known to call him T-Roo and lately T-Rizzle during times of male bonding.

This is Twizel (Twy-zll) and she’s a girl:

She’s also been known to sleep in strange, somewhat suggestive positions. She’s more shy than my man T-Rizzle and will often just watch new people from a distance and not greet them. But when she’s alone with Becky or me, she will not be detered from climbing into our laps. Her favorite toys are the plastic rings from milk jugs. There are probably about 30 of those things under our couch right now. Her only real nickname is Twizel-baby. I guess Twizel is a harder name to nick…

They both like music. Timaru prefers more upbeat music and is particularly fond of Cloud Cult (at least recently). He also likes Cake (thanks to Becky’s introduction). Twizel, on the other hand, likes more mellow music and is really digging indie-electronica right now. Eluvium and the new disc from Air are in her current rotation. Both cats enjoy watching sports and are big Timberwolves and Vikings fans.

Sometimes I think they’re really hoping I get a job soon so they can have the house to themselves all day again.


5 thoughts on “Can feline’s get scoliosis?

  1. Thanks for bringing to light the joy of cats for pets. Beware with that yellow ribbon. Cats have been known to eat things such as that. When I worked at an all cat vet clinic, we frequently saw “Tinsel poop” around the holidays. Unfortunately, not all ribbony things “pass” easily. Just make sure you can always find it. And while the post about your cats is delightful, I hope the right job comes your way. 🙂

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