Music Monday

At what point does a band have too many members? Well, the answer is apparently not 29. That’s right, this weeks highlighted band has 29 members. The band is called “I’m From Barcelona” and they’re from Sweden. Confused yet?

This band started out as one guy writing fun little indie-pop songs and asking his friends to help him record them. When the first EP came out, it met great critical acclaim. So they were signed by a label and asked to record an LP as a full band. The result was their debut album “Let Me Introduce My Friends”, a collection of sing-along tunes backed by a large group of…well…friends.

I love the style that these guys (and girls) have created. It just oozes community and friendship and a collective effort. Even though the band has an obvious leader (Emanuel Lundgren), every song features the vocals of the masses and their accompaniment on a huge variety of instrumentation.

This disc is going to be a staple of my summer playlists. It is perfect for a backyard BBQ with friends or for driving around town with the windows down and friends in the backseat singing along.

Please enjoy my current favorite track from the band (“Treehouse) and also their first music video (“We’re From Barcelona”). Then check out their site in the right sidebar.

I’m From Barcelona – Treehouse


4 thoughts on “Music Monday

  1. I think I would really like the band. I like the song well enough, but I think it’s repetitiveness would wear on me after a few times. Are they all so simple and repetitive? Mostly I just love the name!

  2. Sorry, that previous comment was me… Thanks for sharing little known groups. I certainly don’t get the exposure I use to now that I am out and out of college.

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