"Let me tell you about my blog…"

The “Music Monday” department has informed me that this week’s column will be canceled due to inclement weather. Apparently, they will announce any future cancellations on KTIS, which insures that none of our readers will hear them.

The management has decided to take this rare opportunity to give a tour of the office’s often ignored right wing. So direct your attention to the right and follow along at home.

On the top right, we have a purposely short and dry biography of the author of this trifle. A photo once graced the space, however, it was removed due to the fact that it was years old. Even though the author feels that photo is one of the more tolerable in existence, it was removed in a moment of doubt. It will most likely not return. Complaints may be filed with HR.

Below that is a list of three other avenues into the life of the author (for the particularly voyeuristic reader). The link to pictures contains an album of all the past photos that I’ve featured in the “Photo of the Moment” area (which we’ll get to later, Pushy) along with other semi-interesting shots of life. The others two links contain streamed music from the author and friends. Listen at your own risk.

Next is the Photo of the Moment space where we display a photo the author has recently (or not so recently) taken that he particularly likes. This is changed on a roughly monthly basis.

Below that is the “Currently, I’m Enjoying…” space. This is probably the most updated section of the site. Here, I post links to things I’m currently occupied with. These tend to media of some kind: books, movies, television shows, musical albums, etc, that I think deserve mentioning.

Next is a list of other blogs or sites run by friends or relatives of mine. Below that is a list of bands that I’ve mentioned on the site or are just among my favorites.

And, finally, a window into my listening habits. As one who listens to a lot of music, I thought it would be cool to keep track of my history. The plugins give a taste of that history and are taken from http://last.fm.

Okay, we’re back in the lobby. Any questions? Make sure you turn in your dress code policy acceptance statement on your way out. Welcome to the company.


2 thoughts on “"Let me tell you about my blog…"

  1. Let me tell you about….me. I like to describe my descriptions of myself. My pants are nicer than yours. I have a devil may not even give a crap about me attitude but I embrace it. I’m just rambling now.

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