Music Monday

It’s two for the price of one this week!

First, I’d like to share a track from a band called Gaate (pronounced go-tuh). They are from Norway and they sing in their native language. I discovered this band while listening to The Current one night.

Basically, imagine if Evanescence were gypsys. The music of Gaate uses hard rock guitars and drums with almost Bohemian-sounding strings and rhythms to create a very unique sound. The vocalist also reminds me a little of Amy Lee. When they recorded the song I’m posting, she was merely 19 years old and she already had a very powerful voice.

It now appears that Gaate has decided to take an indefinite break from their music to pursue other things (perhaps college?). Either way, their music is worth a listen. Check their website on the right (it has an english section). Here’s a track from their 2002 record “Iselilja”.

Gaate – Knut Liten og Sylvelin

Second, we have a track from one of my favorite Christian bands of all time: Burlap to Cashmere. These guys released an EP and a full length disc back in the late ninties on Squint Records (the ill-fated label run by Steve Taylor). The music was influenced by the Greek heritage of the band members and featured incredibly talented guitar playing and drumming. B2C toured with Jars of Clay following their debut and built a solid fanbase. However, recording a follow-up disc proved difficult.

Like Sixpence None The Richer and Waterdeep, the collapse of Squint Records left Burlap in shambles. The money to record a new disc wasn’t there and their secular label (A&M) dropped them. They finally officially broke up after that. The lead singer, Steven Delopoulos, went solo and released a disc on Eb+Flo. One attempt was made to move on with Delopoulos. I was actually in attendance when “Burlap” played at Gustavus Adolphus college in 2002. They were still on top of their game, but they definitely suffered with the absence of Delopoulos.

Last year, Delopoulos and Johnny (the backup vocalist) announced they would re-form Burlap and record. Unfortunately, Johnny was almost killed be a motorist in a road rage incident in New York a few months later. The record was put on hold (again). In December of 2006, Steven annouced the record was back on (with the original linup no less!) and B2C would again tour with Jars of Clay. True to form, however, most of their dates were canceled this month due to lack of funding from the label of the other opening band. The record is apparently still going to happen (along with a second solo work from Delopoulos), but I’m worried that yet another setback may be announced.

It’s a shame really, because the talent of this band is astronomical. Here’s a track from a compilation disc called “Roaring Lambs” released in 2000. I believe this was the last official recording Burlap released before breaking up. I’ve also included a link for a free six song EP from Delopoulos that features two live tracks that he and Johnny recorded on a mini tour in 2004.

Burlap to Cashmere – Daisies and Roses

Free EP from Steven Delopoulos


One thought on “Music Monday

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Burlap. I like most of Steve’s EP. Pretty good stuff. Can’t wait to see what the new stuff will be like.BTW–did you hear Eliott Smith is releasing a new CD this year. No joke…Kill Rock Stars is putting out a 24 song collection of unreleased stuff in May. I’m….giddy.

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