I wish I could say that some of these belonged to me or someone I know. Unfortunately, that’s not the case (although the second one is credited to my apparent doppleganger). However, they aren’t that far off from some of my college courses. I’m thinking specifically of Organic Chemistry. There were days when a group of us would decide to throw ourselves from the NWC belltower after a class. But we all made it to graduation without following through on the pact.


3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Peter.These things are absolutely hilarious. I would pay money to grade tests and homeworks like those. I mean, using calculus to find batman’s identity? That’s just genius. I never would have thought it’s solvable by closed-form integral!

  2. Those are fabulous…and they bring to mind a good story that Jess told me. One of her acquaintances graduated with the highest GPA in U of M law school history. Nice, socially well adjusted and SPOOKY smart…he was also a great poet and musician.So, when the first year Contracts exam was handed out, every OTHER student typed like mad for 3 straight hours. This guy? Wrote his entire exam IN LIMMERICK form. Think of the balls you’d have to have to do that…He got an A+.Smart people make me sick….

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