It Only Takes A Second…

I’m working on some online trainings in occupational safty and laboratory protocols in preparation for getting a new job. I’d forgotten how funny learning about safty can be. In one of the trainings, there was a section about walking. It was careful to point out that if you’re walking and decide to turn, make sure you let your momentum carry you for a moment to slow down before turning. This will help prevent falls. I guess I just didn’t know that some people don’t know how to effectively turn while walking.

In any case, it reminded me of this short insurance company training video. We actually watched this during a safty training at my previous job.


2 thoughts on “It Only Takes A Second…

  1. Hilarious! in a stomach wrenching way. I can’t believe they actually try and teach you how to turn while walking. What is the world coming to?I had no idea you were a Blogger man. You’re so secretive.

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