Music Monday

This week, I’m posting a rare track from a Danish band called Mew. I discovered this band about a year ago and have since become a big fan. I was fortunate enough to see them perform at the Fine Line (twice actually) when they were touring the U.S. in the fall. Let me tell you right now, these guys are going to be very big very soon. I have already heard some of their music used in commercials for the ESPN X-Games and I even heard a track being played overhead while I was shopping with my wife at Maurice’s.

Mew’s sound is difficult to catagorize. This particular track is actually not very representative of their sound. It’s an older tune and is more stripped down than their other songs. Their newest disc is called “…And the Glass Handed Kites” and it draws from eighties shoegaze/prog-rock, but with a decidedly 00’s approach. The lead singer has absolutely incredible range. On stage, he’s very calm and collected while is voice is soaring and diving over the notes in the song. They make use of some amazing tempo changes and heavy guitars with a backdrop of keys and programming. Their live show also features video projection of animations devised by the lead singer. The creativity is off the charts. Their back catalog is slowly being re-released here in the states, so please check it out. I’d recommend starting with their second LP “Frengers” and then moving on to “…And the Glass Handed Kites” after that. Check their website on the right under Music. Here’s “Like Paper Cuts”, a b-side from one of their radio singles.

Mew – Like Paper Cuts

Also, here’s a look into their creativity and sound via a music video from their latest disc. This song is called “Special”.


One thought on “Music Monday

  1. Ohhh.. fuck.(I really don’t like to curse, but the f word was the only word that I could come up with)I would hate it if Mew became big in the states.It’s really selfish of me, I know.It’s just that, Mew has such a beautiful sound and I’d hate for them to just pass off as one of those ugly bands that comes on the radio.Not to say that all bands on the radio are ugly, it’s just they’re not special anymore.Music on the radio is over used, over played and not appreciated and that’s not something that I would wish upon such beautiful music like Mew’s.Mew is like a special secret for me.I’d hate for the same jerks & prisses in my school to be listening to the same sound as me- and for them to not even truly appreciate it- for them to just listen to Mew because it’s something that comes to the radio- the thought just tears at my heart.=(

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