Music Monday

Lovedrug debuted back in 2003 with “Pretend You’re Alive”, a mix of early Radiohead and Spiritualized with a propensity for unique and poetic lyrics. I was fortunate enough to see them perform at the Ascot Room in the late Quest Club opening for Copeland. I chatted with the band outside before the show and found them to be very down to earth and soft spoken and humble. Their performance showcased their intensity and their musical talent quite well. I’ve been waiting patiently for their followup effort. They have now annouced a release date of March 6th for “Everything Starts Where It Ends”. I have a pre-release preview EP that contains a few album tracks and some covers and I can see that they have not lost a step in the four years since their last release. Today I’m sharing my favorite track from the preview EP called “American Swimming Lesson”, a great guitar rocker. If you like it, I encourage you to purchase the upcoming album from Lovedrug website (linked on the right).


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