Here is my current collection of musical instruments:

The black guitar was my first guitar. I don’t play it much now, but I use it for strange tunings that may hurt the neck. Currently it’s in a Nick Drake tuning. The classical guitar is actually Becky’s, but we’re married so I get to play it. I bought the banjo late last year and have really enjoyed learning to play it. The nice Taylor guitar was a gift from my brothers and father for my wedding and I play it constantly. It’s beautiful.

I bought the djembe off of Craig’s List for $100 and it has a great sound. I’m still learning to keep a steady beat on it, but it’s great to have around. I’ve had the mandolin for about 8 years now. Becky’s violin is on the right, I only attempt to play it when she’s not home. It’s harder than I thought. In the foreground is my old trumpet, which I also only attempt to play when I’m alone in the house. Also in the foreground is my concertina accordian. I have not used this much as I cannot seem to find definitive directions on what the notes for each button are.

This is my Yamaha keyboard. I use this quite a bit for recording and just fleshing out melody. Someday I’ll get serious about learning to play piano. Below it you can see some of my studio clutter including my Tascam interface on the far left.

Finally, my crappy electric guitar and my crappy bass guitar. The bass needs repair and I keep putting it off. The electric sees some action from time to time. I’ve been playing with my spare violin bow more and more. I got an E-Bow for Christmas that also lends to its sound. The saw is from Menard’s. I can produce sound just fine in it, but have trouble controlling it enough to make a melody. In the foreground is my spring drum, which I’ve used at church a few times.


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