Music Monday

I’m going to (hopefully) be posting a downloadable song or two each week for your enjoyment. These songs will typically be rare or live tracks from some of my favorite bands and artists. If you like the songs, please look into purchasing some of the artists music for yourself and support their work. I’ll have the links to their websites listed under “Music” on the right.

This weeks track comes from one of my favorite artists: Sufjan Stevens. This track, “Wolverine”, comes from the Michigan recording sessions, but did not make it onto the final album. It was posted on his old website a few years ago and showed up on the vinyl version of the Michigan record. I just love the repeated “It’s not your fault…” towards the end. One reason I like Sufjan’s songs to much is that he takes simple, naked sentences and pours so much emotion into them. Another example is from the song “Romulus”, the line “I was ashamed…”. Powerful because you can feel that there is so much behind those words.


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