Movie Etiquette

One of the silliest parts of the movie-going experience is sitting through all the ads before the show, which culminate with PSAs pleading with the audience to silence their phones and refrain from texting during the show. While phone calls and texting are part of our culture now, they should definitely be banned from theaters. But what did we complain about before cell phones? Talking, sure, but apparently, in the silent film era of the early 20th century, the biggest problem audiences had to deal with was hats. I came across these creatively goofy PSA slides from the 1910′s and found them to be delightful.

Silent Movie Etiquette, 1910s:

Via Old Hollywood

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Live-Action Futurama Opening

Wow, this is really impressive!

(Video Link)

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Opening Title Sequences

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but cover art is often carefully designed to reflect the inside of the book and draw a reader to take notice. The same goes for the opening title sequences of TV shows. Producers and artists often go to great lengths to create the perfect sequence to introduce their show and pull viewers into their world.

I came across a great clip from PBS that interviews a few designers about the art of crafted opening titles. Watch it below and then watch a few of my personal favorite opening sequences from the last few years.

What’s your favorite opening title sequence?

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Favorite bands vs. SAT scores

Music FAILS - Music FAILS: Your Taste in Music Might Explain Why You're Dumb

Several years ago, a grad student at CalTech used Facebook data to gather the top 10 artists at various colleges and graphed it with CollegeBoard’s information on students’ average SAT scores at each college (a rigorous method, Mr. College Student!). Interesting…..

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Summer Movies

The Summer movie season is upon us. Apparently, it really began this past weekend when The Avengers pulled in $200 million! I’m going to be seeing it on Wednesday. But there are so many other great summer movies lined up this year too: The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, Prometheus, etc. But arguably, you have to look back to 1982 to find the best year of summer movies ever! Consider this slate:

Yep, all of these movies were released in the summer of 1982. Sure, they’re not all winners, but in my mind just releasing Wrath of Khan, E.T. and The Thing in the same summer is amazing. 

I bring this up because The Alamo Drafthouse theater chain is running a summer-long series to remember these films from 30 years ago. And I really wish Alamo would open a theater in the Twin Cities area. 
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Will we see the future through Google Glass?

I often wonder what kinds of technology will be in common use when my sons grow up. Considering the warp speed advancement of computer tech in the last 30 years, I’m not sure we can even have an inking of what kinds of gadgets my kids will tote around. However, when I saw this concept video for something called Google Glass, I thought to myself “Wow. That looks like the next big leap!” Check it out:

It’s one step shy of directly implanting a smart phone with some kind of ocular user interface in your head. Still, it looks pretty cool. However, I think this video is so conceptual that the actual realization will be far less cool. In fact, this hilarious parody video may turn out to be more realistic.

What do you think is the next big step in our technological advancement?

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The Power of Reddit

I noticed a big jump in traffic to my blog last Friday. It turns out my MPLS History series got posted on Reddit’s Minneapolis page and is getting some upvotes.


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